Subscriber Question

Q: Hello Chip, I am a returning customer. I have two questions.. 1. When I receive notice that a stock in beginning an uptrend, should one execute a buy immediately even though the market may be weak or wait till the market shows some strength? 2. How long do trends normally last? A: Hello, Thanks for your inquiry and for returning to SmarTrend. To answer your questions: 1. We've found it most advantageous to to make stock purchases within 5 days of a trend alert.  Mature trends, however, can still be good investments.  We've also found it most advantageous to follow UPTRENDS when the market is projected to rise and DOWNTRENDS when the market is expected to decline, since approximately 75% of stocks move in the general direction of the market.  You can find this information in our Morning Call daily market newsletter, which gives you a picture of the general direction the market is headed based on our proprietary indicators.  You receive this newsletter as a subscriber to SmarTrend. 2. Trends can last anywhere from a few days, to several months, but most fall somewhere in between.  Our average trend length is approximately one month.