SmarTrend Weekly Performance Statistics

The market continued to move higher last week, enabling the SmarTrend Ratio (the percentage of stock in our Global Portfolio in a current Uptrend) to reach 78%, up from 75% in the week-ago period.  We have also seen the market get slightly more selective between winners and losers even though the total number of Uptrends increased and the total number of Downtrends decreased, the number of Uptrend winners ticked slightly lower and the number of Downtrend winners shot up from 40% to 50%.  This may be indicative of some profit taking on Uptrend winners that have been going up for quite some time (an average of 113 days - well above historical norms), and possibly some increase in bearish bets either in front of, or in response to, earnings reports.  Our team of analysts will be following all major earnings reports and the market reaction and we will report our assessment each day in our Morning Call newsletter.   perf1019