Receiving Smartrend Alerts Via Email

Q: I am considering your software but had a few questions before I move forward. If I am not following particular companies, will I have the capability to either receive email alerts on all stocks with trends for that day or is there somewhere in the site where you can view daily trends for all stocks, not just those on a watch-list or portfolio? Thanks a lot, Bryan A:Hello Bryan, Thanks for your email.  In order to receive trend alerts via email, you must add the company(ies) to your Watchlist.  You can view all trend alerts for the past week via the “SmarTrend Alerts” tab within the paid product (see attached screenshot). If you would like to see all alerts on a particular stock during a certain time period, you can go to the company’s chart within the product, manipulate the time period and see all UPTREND and DOWNTREND alerts represented as up/down arrows on the charts.  You can signup for a free 14-day trial on our website,  Please reply to this post if you have any further questions. smartrend-alerts-screenshot