Raser Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:RZ)

Q: I have recently read some your Smart Trend comments and was thinking of using your services until I saw comments on Raiser. Do you work for a service that shorts the stock? Both times your comments were reflections on the stock during price and value increases.  A decline recently was associated with raising capital. Why don't you do a review on their pending developments and talk to the Company? A: FW: Raser TechnologiesHello, Thanks for your question and your interest in SmarTrend.  Below is a chart that shows all of the trend alerts issued by SmarTrend since July 2008.  Our system performs technical analysis based on proprietary indicators to detect changes in trend on stocks and ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges.  It does not take into account the reason for fluctuations in price, but is able to track patterns from an individual stock's movement to determine when a threshold is crossed that marks the beginning of a major swing.  It looks like SmarTrend issued a Downtrend on RZ on June 30th, 2009 at $2.91, and shares have fallen 22.2% as of today's recent price of $2.26. raser