Nephros Inc (AMEX:NEPH)

Q:Hello Mr. Brian, Good day.  Back in July you published an article concerning the above company reporting that it was above its 50 and 200-day moving average.  Well I am not sure if you are still following that stock but take alook at it now.  It is trading $2.49 - $2.61 today.  It's time to issue another report.  I invested in it but I hadn't checked by portfolio since July.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. A:Hello, Thanks for your comments. The SmarTrend system still has NEPH in an UPTREND from the alert made on 1/13/09 at $0.17  The stock closed today at $2.53, so that's a gain of nearly 1400%.  See attached a one year SmarTrend chart showing all of our alerts on NEPH.  Are you a SmarTrend subscriber?  If so, you could add any of the stocks you're following to your Watchlist and be alerted via email in real-time to changes in trend direction. neph