Make 277.3% With Just Two Trades on SIRI

Q: I have SIRI at about the same May prices. I was told by one of the sales managers that they are getting good vibes on resale's. What's you take on the upper $2 area in the next year ('10)? A: Thanks for your question.   Below is a chart that shows all of the calls made by our system on the stock since last July. Just three lonely trends, which is pretty rare, but as you can see, two of them performed extremely well. SmarTrend called a DownTrend on Sirius XM Radio on 7/29/2008 at $1.62, and subsequently shares fell 88.3% to the Uptrend issued at $0.19 on 2/17/2009. Since that February Uptrend, the stock has risen 189%. It will remain in an Uptrend until our system detects that a certain threshold has been crossed and a Downtrend has begun.  siri