EuroBancshares Inc. (NASDAQ:EUBK)

Q: EUBK seems not moving up at all.  Should I bail or hold EUBK ? -Violet Blog Post 3A: Hello Violet, The SmarTrend system currently shows EUBK in an UPTREND which was called on 3/26/09 at $0.81.  The stock will remain in this UPTREND until SmarTrend’s technical indicators determine a change in trend direction.  As of today’s recent price, the trend on EUBK has returned 142%.  Please find below a one-year chart for EUBK, including all SmarTrend trend calls on the stock.  You can signup for a free trial on our website (, add EUBK to your Watchlist, and be alerted via email the moment SmarTrend determines a trend change. eubk