Coinstar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSTR)

Q: I was wondering, what are your thoughts on CSTR before and after the law suit against TWC? -Matt A: Hello Matt, CSTR is currently in a DOWNTREND, which was issued by the SmarTrend system on 8/17/09.  The system maintains that CSTR will continue in a DOWNTREND until our technical indicators detect a new trend change. I’ve attached a chart displaying all of SmarTrend’s alerts on CSTR over the past year for your review.  As you can see, SmarTrend’s calls on CSTR have performed quite well: 6/24/09 DOWNTREND @ $34.55 1/2/09 UPTREND @ $19.60 (43.3% RETURN) 5/21/09 DOWNTREND @ $30.29 (54.5% RETURN) 7/21/09 UPTREND @ $29.78 (1.7% RETURN) 8/17/09 DOWNTREND @ $31.63 (6.2% RETURN) If you signup for a free trial of the SmarTrend product, you can be alerted to trend changes like these as they occur (  We suggest that you also follow the news and charts associated with all stocks you’re interested in on our subscriber website via the Stock Quotes & News tab in order to keep abreast of all developments concerning the company of interest. cstr