Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C)

Q:Hi Brian, I guess you have lots of e-mails to reply, so I´m going to be brief and I hope you get me a good answer!, I would really apreciatte it!!!!!. Currently I have around 7690 "C" shares and my objective is to hold them for the mid term, maybe until the end of next year, but I´m concerned about any actions that the Federal Reserve may take in the near future. What´s the worse case scenario that could happen if I hold onto my stocks?, could the Fed nationalize this bank or is that alternative out of the table?. Thank you very much and regards! Oscar A: Hi Oscar, Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately, SmarTrend offers little insight about actions of the Federal Reserve, or if the U.S. government will increase its stake in Citi.  What I can tell you is that SmarTrend is holding Citigroup in an Uptrend, and is up 75% since its March 16 alert at $2.30, which can be seen on the chart attached.  If you want to be alerted when Citigroup is Downtrended, you can try a free trial of SmarTrend at  Make sure you add the stock to your Watchlist and enable e-mail alerts.  On the sight you can also sign up for our daily newsletter and explore our Trading Community to gain more insight on technical analyisis.  I hope this helps. c