Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVID)

Q: Hello Chip, Do you have any company info on whether Avid is looking stronger as a company in 2009 then 2008?   I know the stock in down which I found out last night when I noticed there was a smartrend alert on the company because of recent stock loss. Robert A: Hello Robert, Thanks for your question.  Below is a chart that shows all of SmarTrend's calls on AVID for the last year.  SmarTrends is a technical analysis tool that focuses on price-pattern movements, determining when the stock is entering an Uptrend or Downtrend using proprietary indicators.  The system does not know about the actual "health" of the company, as it does not take into account recent news or fundamental information about Avid Technology.  An Uptrend was issued to subscribers on July 22 at $12.98, and the stock is down 2% since then.  The trend could be reversed if its recent bearish momentum constinues, but for now it remains in an Uptrend until a Downtrend is called. avid