The iPad and the Amazon Kindle: Which one reads better?

Both the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the Apple iPad - due out this weekend - are competing to replace the 550 year old printed book. So naturally consumers want to know - which device is easier on the eyes? The good news is neither device will cause damage to the eye. Opthalmologists say that both the e-paper format of the Amazon Kindle and the back lit LCD screen of the iPad are relatively the same in terms of how they each affect the eye. Although, reviewers of the products say that the iPad does one up the Kindle when reading from odd angles, the iPad has a new display technology called "in plane switching" so you can see the screen from different angles. But the kindle carries the advantage if your taking in a book at the beach - LCD screens like the one on the Apple ipad get progressively worse in the sunlight, while the kindle's epaper becomes clearer with ambient light. While adversely the ipad is better in dimly lit situations. For those who have an eye condition called constrast sensitivey, the Kindle could be a bad choice, the epaper technology could cause a struggle to distinguish the text from it's background, while iPad alleviates that problem. And then of course there is always the sony reader and barnes and noble nook to consider as well.