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"I subscribed for SmarTrend alerts a year ago and I add most of the stocks I get in the alerts to my watch list. So far I made about 5000$ following SmarTrend alerts. Also I have some good stocks in my watchlist courtesy of SmarTrend."

Krishna M.
East Moline, IL

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"I have been watching your picks, both uptrend and downtrend. I find that most that you tell me about are on the money..."

Allen R.
Canfield, OH

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"I have been using the Morning Call to help me understand the market trend for the short and long term. Your Morning Call analysis is interesting, informative, right on the money, and written with excellent style and insight. I have seen the great degree of accuracy your Comtex SmarTrend predictions have been...Thank you for your excellent work!!!!"

Patrick I.
Tracy, CA

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"I use the Morning Call letter to get a lay of the land for whats ahead. It gives a pretty good assessment on what to expect. Out of hundreds of systems and newsletters out there, SmarTrend is fairly accurate and beneficial, it is specially not pushy trying to sell other advanced services. I have made a significant profit since joining rather than going through myriad free systems and websites that i used to browse through. "

Manish A.
Norfolk, VA

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"I receive all the SmarTrend Newsletters like the Morning Call which I wake up to every morning. There is so much information available and it is wonderful to wake up to it in my inbox and ready for me to read. The information given allows me to make more educated decisions when deciding what to buy, when to sell, and when to buy and has helped me find what Mr. Market has on sale. I have made a small profit of a grand so far but expect much more in the future. Thank you SmarTrend!"

Domenic Y.
Barrington, NH

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"I have been getting the SmarTrend Morning Call report for the past six months. I have been watching the accuracy of the daily market indicators. I have been impressed with the overall accuracy of the market indicators. I have spent several thousand dollars on software programs that were not as beneficial to my trading. I have decided to take my use of SmarTrend to the next level and purchase the service."

John L.
ST. Louis, MO

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"I am a new investor and have just started investing in stocks the last 3-4 months...I was watching NBG stock and with the help of SmarTrend I gained $300 after investing $1000 in it...I guess SmarTrend is really really smart in watching trends for stocks from my own experience."

Jay G.
Philadelphia, PA

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"Great Service...I have been using your Morning Call to make sure I am on the right side of the market...and then I look at the uptrend/downtrend for any stock that i am interested in before buying. I have been using the system for 2 weeks has been a volatile period but I have made profits in spite of all the ups and downs in the market!!! With my limited resources, I have still managed to make a profit of $750.00."

Ganesh R.
Houston, TX

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"I LOVE Morning Call. Every morning that is one of the first emails I look for and read completely. The information is very informative, and tends to be spot on. Since following the Morning Call I have averaged about 20% increase in my profits from either puts or calls. I have been so impressed in the Morning Call report that I just recently subscribed to SmarTrend. In the two days that I have subscribed, I have followed the trend arrow on two purchases and made 5% on the first, 8% on the second purchase based on your SmarTrend recommendations. Also, I have saved money by getting out before the loss set in on another declining position, again based on your downtrend recommendation. So far, I am very impressed with your system and I am looking forward to additional trading benefits with the support of SmarTrend."

Nicole R.
Greensboro, NC

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"I am amazed how accurately SmarTrend projects the movement of the market both in the United States and International Markets. I look forward to viewing the Morning Call and it is my first read of the day. With the market in the condition that it is in, and other sources competing for business, it is important to have a reliable service that does not have a bunch of advertisers located on the screen. Complex information presented with information that is understandable. "

Lisa S.
Rehoboth Beach, DE

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"Since I have [subscribed to] SmarTrend, my portfolio increased from 10% to 28% and [I] got more confidence [regarding whether to] hold or sell. It really helps me...I love it. SmarTrend Morning Call really helps [keep] me updated in advance which way [the] market is going in the short term and long."

Don M.
Bethlehem, PA

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"SmarTrend has made me 17% on my money in the last two months. I would not use anything else. Thank you Chip Brian"

Pamela C.
Brewer, ME

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