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"I have been using SmarTrend for about a month. I use the trend change information sent by email to signal sales of out of the money puts or calls. I will exit on any trend reversal and also set a stop for each trade equal to the premium obtained. I have had many winners. I currently have 15 positions, most of which will expire in one day, and I am up about 10K this month."

Vic D.
San Diego, CA

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"Out of curiosity I just signed up for the 14day trial since I had nothing to lose. I consulted SmarTrend on a few stocks that I've been following lately and upon confirming the uptrend on those, I went ahead and bought them. I've already made more than enough to pay for one month of SmarTrend and it's only Day 2 of the trial!"

Hwasoo L.
Mountain View, CA

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"I always start my trading day by reading the SmarTrend Morning Call. I made $3254.42 in one month!"

Hashim Ibrahim

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"SmarTrend is one of the best sources on the stock market. I am so glad to have you guys and so thankful to use this program! "

Alex Shekouhi

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"I love the Comtex SmarTrend Morning Call, it gives me great insight & provides valuable information about the upcoming day. Also combined with Early Report, I feel way more confident and now I know what to expect. After subscribing to the free service, my profits have increased, and I made about 23% on my small portfolio in about 20 days."

Long Beach, CA

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"I was using my own judgment to buy stocks and lost 3K and then I started using SmarTrend and the rest is a dream run.... It helped me gain 21% in one stock and 23% & 47% profits in 2 other stocks within 21 days of my using the system. I started with $4500 and earned $5915 in 21 days. Thanks SmarTrend."

Sambit M.
Fremont, CA

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"I'm using SmarTrend to scan for profitable stocks in the morning. I've benefited as SmarTrend has introduced me to new potential money makers! I've made 10% profit on two trades...I've made $400.00."

Stephen K.
Newington, CT

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"I am utilizing SmarTrend alerts to identify stocks with a new trend or change in trend direction the later alerted to my e-mail from my watch list. The "news" tab is indispensible. Smartrend is benefiting my trading efficiency and accuracy. I am anticipating a 100% profit on an option trade within several weeks."

Larry Malowitz
Lake Forest, IL

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"I have used your SmarTrend System & Newsletter [Morning Call] and I have profited from it. I was following several stocks and I saw it mentioned in your email trend alert.... I rode the juicy part of the uptrend for around five days and made a nice 21% PROFIT in five days. There is no doubt I would have missed this trade if it was not for taking the time to look at my SmarTrend e-mails."

Tim K.
Cornelia, GA

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"I made $1060 in just 4 days buying 1000 shares of MGM when your analysis said it was bullish on the MGM shares and selling them when SmarTrend indicators showed that the market is going to be bearish again. Thanks for the smart advice! I am looking forward for more advice like this... "

Ivaylo S.
Las Vegas, NV

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"Your free SmarTrend Newsletter [Morning Call] is very helpful. I particularly like the 5-stock comparisons (cash flow, earnings power, hi & lo beta, etc) as well as the individual stock alerts that you list every day...I have traded VCI which you have recommended in December 2009 and made a profit of $168.72. A few days ago I added two more of your recommendations: PWER and YRCW. Both stocks boosted my portfolio by $408.00 and $170.20, respectively; so far..."

Barbara M.
Incline VLG, NV

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"The info I get from SmarTrend lets me know what's going on with different companies and has helped me get into short term trading rather than just investing and waiting for my ship to come in. I'm more agressive, and cautious of all I do. I feel more confident in my trades and feel like I do know what's happening. I've been making some some cash finally... Made $800.00 last month!!! Thanks Smartrend..."

Connersville, Indiana

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