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"This system works phenomenally in being able to foreshadow future market conditions while providing sound advice on how to utilize the results. I use this system as a short term tool to both start and finalize my research before recommending a stock to friends/relatives. For me personally, I have seen a 9% average return in my portfolio this past year..."

Craig H.
Oklahoma City, OK

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"SmarTrend is helping me arrange my portfolio in a proper way that a person new to the market can not imagine. After reading the Morning Call every day in my e-mail, I found that I made a lot of mistakes in selecting stocks which I can trade. I have gained 23% in just one and half month on the stocks from SmarTrend's prediction's. It's really helpful and full of gains if you trust SmarTrend's suggestions!! Thanks a lot."

Jay G.
Philadelphia, PA

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"Every day I review the SmarTrend Morning Call which is very accurate and helps me follow the trend of the markets each day. I have made $5,500 with this information in only three weeks!"

Javier Angoso
Valencia, Spain

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"I have been using SmarTrend now for about two months and it has made me a profit of about 30% on my stock picks. I would not trade without it anymore. Thanks you so much Chip Brian."

Bernie Case
Brewer, Maine

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"I use the SmarTrend system to check all the uptrend charts and also to check the trends of the stocks that I follow. It has been benefiting my trading because it helps me to narrow down the possible stocks for trading. I have made a profit of 5% within a month."

Hui Fei Yu
Chicago, IL

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"I use the Morning Call newsletter to evaluate macroeconomic trends so that I can buy positions at more beneficial times. It's definitely benefiting my trading by allowing me to buy in ahead of a upward trend, which is certainly quite difficult without SmarTrend. I've recently started using the morning call newsletter and have made $100 so far."

Eric W.
Seattle, Washington

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"Compared with other services, this service is much more accurate in its forecasts. I have been using SmarTrend for 1) economic and stock analysis and 2) stock picks. Your information helped me make successful trades. General profits obtained from trades: around $4.000. "

Karen Atanesyan
Brooklyn, NY

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"I have been using SmarTrend Morning Call for about two months now and I have increased my portfolio by 15%. The technical trends and futures along with relative perforance reports give me a great indication on which way the market is going each day and why. It also lets me know the important news that could affect the market as a whole. Thank you, SmarTrend."

Charlie H.
Almo, KY

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"After trusting SmarTrend in choosing my stocks for me, I was able to make $700 in the first week."

Alex Chen
San Francisco, CA

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"I read every report that comes in just to keep up on what the markets are doing. SmarTrend gives me a edge when researching stocks for purchase and recognizing a recent downtrend has saved me a least $2000 on one trade alone. "

Paul Obermann
Springfield, MO

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"Smartrend has allowed me to make informed decisions when it comes to the right time to purchase shares of a company, or not. The system has certainly helped me out as in just under 3 months, I've made over $1500 by buying/selling at the right time. All by a few simple clicks of the mouse! Thanks (hopefully some day) a million Smartrend!"

Jeremy Wood
Lincoln United Kingdom

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"I read the Smartrend Morning Call each day along with the newsletters paying particular attention to the market trends and the upgrades and downgrades. I have been able to predict with better accuracy when to buy and sell based on the information in these newsletters. Over the past year I have made over $4,100 in profit which is 27% based on the amount invested."

Pete Cesari
Clermont, FL

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