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"SmarTrend helps take away my emotional feelings attached to the company and allows me to trade based on the technicals of the signals. I have increased my portfolio value by apx. 25%. Thank you!"

Carm Dinatale
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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"It sure is nice to be able to read the Morning Call and get a general feeling for the direction of the market. I started getting the analyst upgrade/downgrade notices exactly 1 year ago and I was up 18% in that year."

Drake Garner
Hartland, MI

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"Since using SmarTrend my portfolio is up over 30%."

Gary M.
Akron, Ohio

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"Your picks are amazing. Looking forward to making more money!"

Brad Hodapp
Urbandale, IA

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"After reading your Morning Call, I am able to make my trades with more confidence knowing which way the market will be going, which support levels to look for and having a good idea of when to sell based on expected targets. Great work."

Seth T.

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"I subscribe to the SmarTrend Morning Call. It has benefited me by alerting me to important articles about different companies. I have made around 11% in about three months. The Weekly Wrap is the most valuable to me because it shows future earning reports and economic reports."

Kevin Roy
Hampstead, MD

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"I have been using SmarTrend as an indicative tool to time my buying and selling of stocks and so far it has provided me with trend calls on stocks before their prices went up. I have been using these trend calls successfully to gain advantage over the market to make average profits of approximately 25%-30%. "

Sharad Ganju
Los Angeles, CA

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"I started with SmarTrend 2 weeks ago and I have made 3.9% on my $10,000 investment already. That is 6% more than when doing it myself.I watch the new alerts and see which one is on the move and throw my weight behind it, wait till the trend alert comes in to say that it is reversing and sell. Easier than this is not possible."

Steve F.
Eindhoven, Netherlands

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"I am using SmarTrend for my Economics class. It's benefiting my trading through useful news articles. I've made about $2,000 so far! SmarTrend is awesome, and anyone who wants to make money from the stock market should use it!"

Yum R.

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"The Morning Call Newsletter provides me with reliable and trustworthy information that isn't easy to find in other "free" newsletters. As an MCN subscriber, I am informed about trends before, during, and after market hours....After only 3 days, I made a $345 return on my investments. "

Stephen G.
Chapel Hill, NC

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"It was a brilliant thing to discover SmarTrend! I'm a professional Spanish investor, I’ve been working with technical analysis programs and American platforms for financial services, for more than 15 years, and until I discovered SmarTrend I’ve never obtained such important benefits in just few days. I bought Uranium Resources (URRE ) the last September 15 at 0.78$ and sold it 4 days later for 1.15$, and all because of the warnings of your company."

Jose Q.
Elche, Alucante, Spain

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"I am new to the market and came across SmarTrend. I subscribed to the newsletters [Morning Call] and see the results based on the uptrend and downtrend alert updates and the results are astonishing. I've noticed that SmarTrend has over 80% accuracy in trend alerts which is a solid Reward to Risk ratio which means you are guaranteed to be profitable at least 80% of the time."

Marvin G.
FT. Lauderdale, FL

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