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"The SmarTrend system has been very helpful. I have made $30,000..."

Steven C.
Baltimore, MD

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"I love this tool...This is a great tool for buying/selling stocks...."

Santosh M.
Sunnyvale, CA

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"I am using your system to make my decisions to either buy or sell stocks... I have benefited in different ways [from using SmarTrend.] I am a much more educated investor and made some profits by following the trend alerts... I would guess about 20% profit."

Satchit T.

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"I like to trade having a better grasp of market direction and uptrends and downtrends for particular stocks have been an additional tool to enable me to make money. Over the last several months I have been able to generate $3,000 in profit using SmarTrend."

Jay S.
Apex, North Carolina

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"...I use [SmarTrend] for trading ideas, especially pullbacks...It worked with ycrw and crbc for me. I made $8k with it so far this year"

Roland B.

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"I've been getting the Morning Call for months, and use it to help gauge the changes to the market, and where best to look for new opportunities. I also use the ratings system [SmarTrend's UPTREND and DOWNTREND alerts] to confirm trading idea's I'm working on..."

Kevin M.
Rochester, NY

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"I joined SmarTrend about 1 month ago and my account is up over $6,000 or 14.28%. I read the morning newsletter [Morning Call] to find out what news or trends are expected for the next day and/or week. Most importantly, I look for the upgrades of stock and when the upgrade happened, (date & time). Also, I like to find out where the price support and resistance is on the stock so I know where to sell and buy again. Thanks SmarTrend, you have made investing fun again."


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"I trade the Pro Funds SPX long and short. Your market trend reports have been very helpful in determining when to enter a trend in either direction. Since following your reports in July my account has increased by 28.7% for which I credit your trend indicating market calls. Congratulations your reports have been more accurately consistent than any I have previously used."

Jim P.

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"The SmarTrend [system] has helped me in predicting the markets direction for the day and also to find if my stocks are going with the trend or not. This has saved me a lot of money by tightening my stops to protect my gains. Thank you a lot for the good work...I have grown my account by $21,678 dollars in four months ending 4/18/ 2010. Thanks again."

Magdi E.
Hazlet, NJ

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"I just started to use the system but so far it seems very sound. I have purchased some options and hope things work out well. It's much easier to use your system then to try and check all the history and stats myself. I like the fact that I can add any stock to my watchlist and you keep track of them for me, and let me know if there's any change. Again, thanks for writing, that surprises me, most get your money and forget you."

Michael M.

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"I read SmarTrend Morning Call every morning. I use the advice from the indicators to tell me whether or not to I need to prepare to buy or sell. I only look to gain small percentages per transaction. It does benefit me because I work full time and do not have time to look at data and keep up with what is going on.... So far this year I have earned about 6k on my IRA with the trading system. I just want to say thanks for the morning call. The tool has made it easier to understand in a short fun to read segment."

Patrick C.

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"I would consider myself as a novice to SmarTrend system as my subscription with you is barely 2 months. Having said that, the stocks that I've been monitoring using (the) SmarTrend system have earned me a year's salary (plus bonuses) but in just 2 months!!! Simply follow the uptrend indicator (green triangle) to buy and downtrend indicator (red triangle) to sell. It is that easy. Even my 4-year old and 2-year old sons can identify that!"

Steven Y.

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