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"SmarTrend has been very helpful in following the volatile marketplace that is in place for now and looks as it will continue. The upside has been very positive in helping to accumulate profits."

John C.
Eugene, OR

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"This is great resource to check before investing in any stock. This daily report [SmarTrend Morning Call] provides valuable information about new and unknown stocks to check and gives us an opportunity to invest in them."

Kishan D.

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"I have used the [SmarTrend] system and it has helped me with both relevant information and trends. In the current environment, it has been a major help and helped me avoid loosing money."

Guru B.
New York, NY

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"I use [the Morning Call] on a daily basis to view where the market is going and as a basis for my investment direction. It is very accurate and has helped me to both make money and not lose money. Thanks"

Michael R.
Madison, WI

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"I recently completed the 14 day trial period. During the trial I tracked the daily trend alerts on a day to day basis. I analyzed the changes to my portfolio had I acted on the Uptrends. I love the newsletters. They are very informative, keeping me in tune with what is going on in the market as a whole..."

Steven D.
Mount Pleasant, SC

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"I am currently in Afghanistan, and have been using your newsletters mainly as a news resource on whats going on with the markets and economy. It has been more than worth the price just in that, sadly I am not able to make many trades from out here, despite that I have made slightly over $1,000.00 from advice from your site followed with my own research into the companies you recommend. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource and insightful trading advice."

Brian B.
North Fort Myers, Fl

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"[SmarTrend is] an excellent resource. It helps to identify some stocks way ahead of their moves so that you can position yourself accordingly and be smart and make money"

Raig G.
Danbury, CT

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"I use the "Morning Call" as a way of understanding the general disposition of the trading environment. Currently I am waiting to enter the market, and will do so when the SmarTrend system indicates that it is moving in a direction favorable to my trading style...Thank you for your good work"

Floyd F.
Cluj, Romania

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"I'm using SmarTrend to help gauge buying and selling points for my stock purchases. In tracking the trends through moving averages, I have gained more confidence in timing my transactions."

Karen W.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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"The SmarTrend Morning Call newsletter is my favorite source because it's so often a money maker for me, and, it's always CONCISE! As everyone else, I have a million other things to do. The feeling of trust that's grown from my success investing in SmarTrend's uptrends saves time and effort."

Judy H.
West Palm Beach, FL

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"I've been using the Morning Call newsletter to help with my spreadbetting on the market indices. I find the commentary very useful and insightful. It's especially useful for the novice investor trying to gain an understanding of how the stock markets work. I've made 50% on my initial investment, around 1500 Euros..."

Darren R.

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"I use SmarTrend to confirm short term direction of the market and then employ short/long ETF's to accomplish short term gains with minimal risk. My goal is to capture 10% with very little risk of capital...year to date I am up 7%. SmarTrend is an easy and efficient way to determine probable market direction.....thank you SmarTrend!"

Jack P.
Houston, TX

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