Tun T, Baltimore, MD, USA

I have been very cautious about subscribing any stock analysis or using products from any analysis. However, after I carefully analyzed the stock alerts from SmartTrend for months, I decided to trade stocks through the trend of the Smart Trend. I pick my own stocks and check with the SmartTrend before I buy or sell. And I also picked an uptrend stock alerted by the SmartTrend. Within a few weeks, I made a couple hundred dollars from two stocks (AEO +and forgive me I won't mention another one since I love that one). In fact I had lost a lot of money (around 10000 in three moths) before I used the system, and now I feel like I am getting the money I have lost (from May to the late August) and feel like I am going to own companies I like throughSmart Trend. Most importantly, I gained confidence since I am able to check with the system. Thanks, I do appreciate your knowledge and skills and of course you guys are generous!