steve ferris, eindhoven, noord brabant, Holland

I had been reading the stock update articals on Google Finance and I saw a few from SmarTrend that said that thier members were alerted to buy or sell on a certain date and that the price has risen or fallen by so much since then.
I have been looking at different stock picking methods from choosing myself and watching them everyday to scouring the internet and free newsletters to see what was going up and down.
The Alert method seemed a lot easier and because it is only a monthly subscription I thought I would try it for a mth and see how it goes.
I started with a 14 day free trial and bought 10 shares from the SmarTrend Alert Pages from the previous week and added them to a new portfolio.
Now I only have to check my emails and wait for the alert that the tide has turned and it is time to sell. It makes life a lot easier than watching shares all day to try and work out when to buy and sell, and it gives me more time to research the latest stock alerts to try and find a good pick from the many that are given every day.
I am not rich enough to buy every share that comes op on the site, so I use the time I saved to make a more educated pick and hope to select a few good ones.

My first portfolio has been on a 3% loss for the last month and in the first week my SmartTrend Portfolio has returned enough to pay for a few months subscription, so I will be continuing to use this great service and will recommend it to my friends to check out as well. I might even cut my losses and use the money to add more Smartrend shares to my new portfolio.