Raj S.,

I have been a member of SmarTrend since June 2009, I initially wanted to try your service and I really liked it.

How I am using your system? I am using your system to identify the best stock to invest in, either short-term or long-term. I read the Morning Call and decide whether to trade that day or not, but then follow the market trend most of the time. I use the yearly chart to make a decision to buy or sell a stock. The Uptrend and Downtrend indicators across the yearly chart help me take a risk. I bid on (a) known company's stock when it is (in) an Uptrend for the long-term and other company's stock for the short-term. My Watchlist helps a lot to invest when an Uptrend (is in) my own portfolio - especially days in trend...I (always) sort by that.

How is it benefiting my trading? I am making at least 10% profit in most of the trading.

Whether I have made any profit? Yes I have-since June for an investment of $3000, I have made realized profit of $574 and an unrealized profit of $423. If I deduct $400 for last 4 months service, I (am making) close to $540 profit. BTW my bids were AAPL, SWN, LIZ, BAA, ARIA...