Patrick C.,

A friend turned me onto SmarTrend Morning Call about a year ago. I read it every morning to keep abreast of what happened the day before and to see how accurate your forecasts are. I use the advice from the indicators to tell me whether or not to I need to prepare to buy or sell. I only look to gain small percentages per transaction (5 - 7%). Sometimes I get lucky and earn about 10 or so. It does benefit me because I work full time and do not have time to look at data and keep up with what is going on. I have made a profit on trades so far. There are times when it takes a while to turn a profit and others that are very quick. So far this year I have earned about 6k on my IRA with the trading system. I just want to say thanks for the morning call. The tool has made it easier to understand in a short fun to read segment. I look forward to it every morning.