Pamela W., Arizona

I am a retired CPA. I am an active trader in stocks, and just starting options as a hedge against my long positions.

I have been very happy with my SmarTrend subscription. My favorite thing is the ease of use. I find "Bull Market" to have a confusing website. Yours is simple. I like to research the fundamentals myself and find the kinds of stocks I like (low debt, nice dividend, diversifies my holdings). If I like it I add it to my Watchlist. Then you send me an email when it is time to buy. I don't have to be a chart reader, you do all that for me.

Last year I lost 100K or 20% when the market fell. I don't want to be a sitting duck ever again. I want to hedge my long positions. So I have begun investing small amounts using put options for the SPY index. In the last 2 weeks I made 25 percent, and if the market is down tomorrow I expect to make another 25 percent. For these hedges I read your morning newsletter [the Morning Call]. I read it twice, carefully. This helps me hold tight with my options, or start to sell. Sometimes your timing of a rollover is a wee bit early (half a day). That's fine!!! I still know what the technicals are saying, without knowing a thing about the technicals. I can't even read all those charts on the right side of the morning newsletter.

I know you cannot be right 100 percent of the time. Still, this was just the thing I so needed to add to my toolbox. I think we will have a long, prosperous relationship!!