Kane M., Atlanta, GA

...I had always thought that trading was such a complicated process and only for the "pros". But SmarTrend makes intelligent trading more accessible to private individuals and new traders. I signed up for a trial period and created a hypothetical portfolio in my personal finance software and issued a few fictitious buys including OMEX. I saw that OMEX had been on an uptrend for 62 days and if I had been a subscriber when the trend began, I'd be seeing a 45% increase on my investment.

In my hypothetical portfolio, I invested in PBH after seeing the uptrend alert. As of yesterday I had already recovered the cost of the buy commission and was up about $2 off a $100 buy. Although, I'm not quite ready to retire, I can see that the model works and will continue following PBH until SmarTrend alerts me that the stock is flipping to a down trend.

SmarTrend gives me the confidence to select stocks wisely based on trends, it provides related news articles in a convenient format that can help me gain insight as to why the stock might be moving up or down and allow me to make a decision to buy or sell with confidence. At the end of the trial period, I plan to continue my subscription and to use what I've learned from my hypothetical portfolio to issue real buys and begin building my future.