James V.,

I used to trades stocks, but due to a number of circumstances I suspended trading. My time and energies had to be focused on other things. I'll be honest with you, part of the reason I stopped trading was I never really felt I could compete and make a profit. I saw the market as a place where only those "in the know" could make money.

When friends of mine started talking about buying and trading stocks after it looked like the market was going to start to make a comeback after the financial bailouts, I thought about getting back in. I did a little research and found SmarTrend. My initial impressions of what SmarTrend had to offer were good, and so I subscribed to your daily alerts. As I read them as they came into my inbox I was impressed and decided to try the one-month trial period subscription. After the free trial month, I subscribed.

I found your system easy to use and highly accurate, and started to find ways to make a profit. Unfortunately, at that time, I didn't have the time or resources to spend and devote to the market. I had to let my subscription lapse. I believe I did make some money and feel that over the long haul, had I kept my subscription, I could have made money. SmarTrend provides one with the kind of information that one needs to make a profit buying and selling stocks. I especially liked to follow the trend updates and alerts.