George M., California

I purchased SmarTrend in August 09 and use your system daily. First, I read the e-mail Morning Call. It has been very specific and accurate with regard to daily market movements and why. More importantly the letter predicts the market for the upcoming days. It [SmarTrend] benefits my trading because of its accuracy. It has recommended several stocks that I've bought which it predicted were on a new "upturn" and for the first time in my life I have someone or something that tells me to consider "selling" when my existing stocks might be on a new "downturn". I have indeed made fantastic profit this year, in part due to these predictions. I can attribute at least a 30% profit [during] August 09, specifically due to stocks that were brought to my attention by SmarTrend. I have additional stocks that I've bought, because I know the companies, but I watch them almost daily in SmarTrend to see if there are any "upturns" or "downturns"...I am delighted with SmarTrend - and will continue to monitor your "upturn" and "downturn" recommendations on my stocks before I trade.