Dr. R. PhD,

I am a married man in my mid eighties. At my age I am looking for income as I have been retired for sixteen years from a career as a public school teacher.

I am using the SmarTrend system in helping to find good and solid income stocks. I like to buy stocks with a dividend of 6% to 10% for the most part. SmarTrend has been a total bonanza in helping me to find leads to these kinds of income stocks. I use the leads and do my own research, which has served me well over many years. I have never selected a stock that has had a 'cut' in dividend -- and that might be a bit amazing in an economy such as we have been experiencing this past year.

I have benefited from SmarTrend in that my stock portfolio has given me dividends that, alone, could support my wife and me if necessary. I do not ever invest in the market with any cash I cannot really afford to lose -- if that should happen. I also have a pension and our social security as income.

I have made a very nice profit over the years -- primarily in additional income. I have several stocks that have been high on the recommendation list of SmarTrend. In addition to the dividends my portfolio has also provided a substantial profit regarding the increased price value of the stock. I have fifteen separate stocks and twelve are worth more than I paid for them. Along with an income of over $23,000 per year from my portfolio the increase in stock price is in the $60,000 range. Very nice indeed.

I feel very secure with SmarTrend and have NO problem sleeping at night. This is very important when dealing with the stock market. I have a college degree in Economics and Finance and spend a good deal of my time with the market. I would NOT ever consider being without SmarTrend. Thank you dearly.