Boyce O., Chattanooga, TN

I love the SmarTrend System, and I wake up every morning looking forward to reading the "Morning Call" with eagerness. It's as close to looking into a crystal ball as you will find. And, with the unpredictable whipsaw of today's market, you need every advantage - SmarTrend and the "Morning Call" definitely give you the edge. In my quest for profits, I have subscribed to almost every newsletter and program out there; however, none come close to matching SmarTrend for accuracy and being on-target.

An investor's number one enemy is emotion, resulting in either acting too soon or too late in the purchase or sale of a stock, causing a loss of profit. SmarTrend takes the emotion out of trading stocks, as I have learned first hand - what a relief! It's much more than a strategy; it's a profitable trading system. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Chip and his staff for providing us with a tool that optimizes profits in a tumultuous market.