Albert G.,

I began trading about six months ago and the truth is I had not made much money; in fact quite the opposite is true. I would make a little money and then lose twice as much as I made. My account with Scottrade was rapidly being depleted. I was very discouraged and felt like totally pulling out of the market and trying something else; it was about this time that I ran across SmarTrend and then everything immediately changed. I subscribed just about a week ago and I have made a profit in every trade. In fact in just two days I've made $2500. This thing works. I would recommend it not only to the amateur but also to the professional. It takes out all the guesswork when it comes to trading. I am so very happy with SmarTrend! WOW! Now I feel on top of the market and no longer a victim of the market. One last thing. I really enjoy [the] Morning gives me a very good idea what the markets will be doing that day. I know without a shadow of doubt that I will be making a whole lot of money!