Al C.,

I really like your trend reports, and I find them a valuable resource in identifying stocks on the "climb"...I realize the reports I receive are dated from the ones being sent to your customers for a good reason. Nevertheless, the market indicators you have programmed in your system checks for a lot more then just price/earnings change. Even the sample sales reports [SmarTrend Research Reports] I receive have benefit to me by just bringing a good prospect to my attention. After I receive your report, I go to Scottrade and do my own research to see if these companies fit my profile. I'm in retirement now, and pretty cautious after going through the market freefall last year, losing lots of money, and missing opportunities that I should have discovered. I don't segregate where my leads come from, vs the ones I come up with, but I know your system has helped me. The real tough thing is dealing with the up/down market and timing for it...Thank you again for allowing me access to your system.