Adrian G., Texas

First of all, I am a novice in trading and I feel very lucky I found your system since my first months in the trading environment. I have a subscription to Investors Intelligence, and I have been evaluating SmarTrend and Investors Intelligence in the past eight or nine months. I have discovered that your system is much simpler, precise and with great timing tools for intra day trading.

As far as profit goes, I have been in cash for almost a year. I was about to enter the market lasts month, to take a bear stance, when I just realized there was something "funny", and last we know it the cycle changed and we got into a choppy ugly market. However, the information from the daily newsletter [Morning Call] helped to spot the coming trading environment, which confirmed my own daily market calculations.

I do think your system has great forecasting abilities, better than others I have tested. I am definitely in the trust camp of your daily market updates. I do appreciate your service....