Aaron M, Providence, RI

I have been trading stocks part time for 10 years. I had some winning years and some losing years, but I always needed a full time job to live on.
I was recently diagnosed with leukemia and because of my health I had to somehow figure out a way to leave my job and make a full time income in the comfort of my home (or a hospital bed).
one day I was looking up a stock I was trading (aeo) I was up 7% which was great and I was looking at the daily news on Google finance and one of the articles said "aeo is in an uptrend and our subscribers were informed"... I have seen this message before and I had to see what this service was all about. Normally I would have sold aeo the following day and I would have been happy making 7%+ on a stock, but I signed up for the free trial and I tested its acuracy and aeo rose and rose, I sold 75% of my shares for a 19%profit and I still own a stake in the shares for more upturn profits. I normally would never spend money on a stock service, quite frankly my ego would never allow it, but I am living with a form of blood cancer and I still have a family to support and a mortgage to pay, so I guess you could say i was desperate. I have been a subscriber for 9 weeks and I have profited $9358 Normally in these market conditions i would have a profit of around $2500 so this service is worth every dime and then some.
Here's my trading method..... I list a handful of stocks (less than 25) in my watch list I picked less than 25 stocks for a few reasons... the main reason is that some stocks don't follow their trend as well as others.... for whatever reason they just don't, so I picked the stocks that I felt were solid companies and followed their trend the way they were supposed to. I like to concentrate on my trades, so I will only trade a few stocks at a time.... Believe me the best feeling is when I recive the email that say "Confirmed Uptrend for (stock symbol)" because that stock will go up and it will go up pretty fast. I trade from my computer at home, my android phone when I am out and my laptop when I am in bed. I had to leave my full time job and I trade full time now and am so happy that I do this for a living.... the smartrend service has taken the stress out of swing trading and replaced it with big profits. I will beat cancer because I now have the time to concentrate on my health because the swing trading routine I am using only takes up less than 10 hours per week to do, leaving me more time to concentrate on my health and fitness to survive. Thank You Smartrend I really got lucky finding you.