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Daily Stock Trade Alerts

SmarTrend delivers real-time stock alerts to you every day. SmarTrend's Uptrend and Downtrend alerts are based on a proprietary, price-pattern recognition system designed to help you improve your market timing and trading results.

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Your SmarTrend Trial includes a free subscription to the daily Morning Call newsletter which will give you insight into what to expect for the upcoming trading day. You'll also receive featured stock trends, SmarTrend's proprietary stock picks and portfolios, and access to the SmarTrend screening tool which enables you to select the stocks you want to trade.

Over 87% Accurate

See for yourself! With our highly accurate trend calls, SmarTrend has consistently beaten the market in all market conditions.

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"Buy & Hold" is dead! See how following SmarTrend has helped subscribers beat the S&P on a consistent basis.

"My first week I made two trades based on the SmarTrend indicators. I bought and sold FFIV for a profit of $33.00. I bought and sold SFLY for a profit of $663.48 for a total of $696.48. That almost pays for a one-year subscription!!!"

Lee S.

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