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Trade Smarter and Manage Your Investment Better with SmarTrend’s simple and easy to use app.
SmarTrend offers Real-time Trend Alerts and Technical Stock Analysis to help you stay on top of the market.

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Get actionable market insights at your fingertips with real-time updates

Quick one-tap connectivity to access all trends and your personal watchlist

Discover profitable and timely stock trends of your interest

Manage your personal watchlist directly
in app

Receive email alerts immediately when stocks change direction

Convenient in app email to our customer service team

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Morning Call

A highly accurate, comprehensive commentary written by an expert analyst in the industry, forecasting the trading and investment environment and a summary of key corporate actions, as well as analysis of global markets and commodities.

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Daily Stock Trends

A green arrow indicates an Uptrend, meaning this stock's price movement is positive and most suitable for a long position. A red arrow indicates a Downtrend, meaning this stock's price movement is negative and most suitable for a short position.

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Personalized Watchlist

Gives you the ability to follow all the stocks you want and receive trend alerts indicating when SmarTrend thinks the stock price will increase or decrease by simply adding the stocks to your
Personal Watchlist.

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Company Overview

Learn more about a company before adding it to your
Watchlist including current trend analysis.

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