Stock Research Reports

SmarTrend’s Stock Research Reports include: company descriptions, fundamental data, profitability, balance sheets, earnings information, and comparable company analysis in the related industry and company stock charts including historical SmarTrend trend alerts. SmarTrend’s stock analysis tools are essential in order to better time your trades and with SmarTrend’s stock research reports, you get a free copy of our stock trend analysis research.

SmarTrend's trend analysis system uses proprietary pattern-recognition technology to analyze over 5,000 securities traded on the major U.S. exchanges. It's the ONLY trend analysis system that analyzes stocks in REAL-TIME and alerts its subscribers the moment trend changes are determined, so they can maximize their trading results.

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying

"...the stocks that I've been monitoring using (the) SmarTrend system have earned me a year's salary (plus bonuses) but in just 2 months!!! Simply follow the UPTREND indicator (green triangle) to buy and DOWNTREND indicator (red triangle) to sell. It is that easy..." - Steven Y.

"...I have found the SmarTrend analysis to be uncannily accurate at forecasting market activity and trends..." - Joseph C.

"...SmarTrend provides one with the kind of information that one needs to make a profit buying and selling stocks..." - James V.