SmarTrend Professional sends you real-time trend alerts to keep you up to date on what's happening in the market. Use our up and down arrows to decide whether to buy, sell or short the stocks your trading.

Generate Trade Ideas

Use SmarTrend's interactive dashboard and market tools to research and find investment opportunities.

Trend Alerts

Real-time trend alerts, including confirmed and unconfirmed trend signals, on stocks added to your personal Watchlist.

Featured Trends

SmarTrend takes the guesswork out of trading by providing you with hand-picked trading ideas and the analyst insights behind those trades.

Personalized Watchlists

Follow, monitor and group all the stocks you want by simply adding stock selections to your personal Watchlist. Create an unlimited number of Watchlists to organize your ideas.

SmarTrend Premier Portfolios

These pre-selected portfolios are created by our analysts for you to utilize to get a head start on key sectors, stocks that are on the move and industry trends.

Top Trend Scoring System

Easily identify SmarTrend's top trends by using our automated scoring system, which rates opportunities on a 0-99 scale.

Stock Screener

Screen stocks based on metrics such as market capitalization, industry, P/E ratio, average monthly volume, dividend yields and more for truly customizable filtering.

Market Outlook Rating and Commentary

Get SmarTrend's overall view of the market with seasoned market analysts opinions on exactly what to look for in both the short and long term trading and investing environment.

Dedicated Analyst Support

Gain access to SmarTrend's Analyst team to better assist you in your strategy and trading ideas with SmarTrend.

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