SmarTrend Advanced uses real-time trend alerts to keep you in the know about what is taking place in the market and identify when a stock is trending up or down. You can choose to focus on all the alerts, or create a Personalized Watchlist and focus on only the stocks you want to follow.

Generate Trade Ideas

Use SmarTrend's interactive dashboard and market insight to research investment ideas.

Featured Trends

SmarTrend takes the guesswork out of trading by providing you with hand-picked trading ideas and the analyst Insights behind those trades.

Trend Alerts

You will receive real-time trend alerts including confirmed and unconfirmed trend signals once you add the stocks to your Personal Watchlist.

Dedicated Analyst Support

Gain access to SmarTrend's Analyst team to better assist you in your strategy and trading ideas with SmarTrend.

Personalized Watchlists

This feature gives you the ability to follow all the stocks you want by simply adding the stocks you want to your Personal Watchlist.

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