5 Reasons Atmos Token Should Be In Your Altcoin Bag

(Vehement Media via Comtex)

When building your altcoin portfolio, you want to make sure that you are selecting coins and tokens that can provide real future value. One of the great "hidden values" deep in the altcoin world is Atmos token. Serving as the main fuel of the Novusphere ecosystem, Atmos may become one of the most explosive and widely used tokens over the next few years. Here are five reasons why you need to add some Atmos tokens to your altcoin bag today.

  • Atmos Uses the More Popular Proof of Stake Protocol

Proof of stake (PoS) has become more popular than Proof of Work (PoW) thanks to its lower energy usage. As you move forward with a selection of altcoins for your portfolio, you will want to consider PoS coins. Atmos is designed to be one of the most secure tokens available using a durable PoS protocol. This gives you the peace of mind that Atmos will be around for the long term and not likely to suffer any catastrophic compromises to its security.

  • Atmos is the Main Fuel to the Emerging Novusphere Ecosystem

When you are looking at small altcoins, you have to ask yourself, "What is the value of this token? Does it do anything that will hold or grow its value?" Atmos token is the main fuel of the

power Novusphere ecosystem – a decentralized, free, and open-source blockchain technology

that is free of censorship and restrictions. As privacy becomes more critical, Novusphere can be a "safe haven" for those who want true freedom in their dApp development. This gives Atmos the potential to become an invaluable token moving forward.

  • Atmos Holders Can Govern the Novusphere Ecosystem

Holding the Atmos token means that you have true power. As a decentralized ecosystem, Novusphere is only governed by those who hold the Atmos token. That gives Atmos incredible value and power. As more and more users rely on the decentralized nature of Novusphere, the Atmos token may be sought after to ensure the privacy and freedom of Novusphere.

  • Atmos token is the Ideal "Anti-Ethereum" Play

While many people see Ethereum as the potential trillion-dollar token, the second most popular cryptocurrency has its potential threats. The fact is that Ethereum is one of the most centralized blockchains that runs on Amazon's cloud network. Atmos is the ultimate "anti-Ethereum" play. If developers and users decide that they want a more decentralized alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, the Novusphere ecosystem and its Atmos token "fuel" may become highly sought after.

  • Atmos Token is Still On the "Ground Floor" of Its Growth

There is nothing more frustrating than first hearing about a token or a cryptocurrency after it has 100x its growth. Right now, Atmos token is still in its relative infancy.

Atmos token is currently ranked 1387 on coinmarket cap. There is some potential explosive upward movement in the token as the Novusphere ecosystem grows.

Atmos Token May Be the Next Big Thing

It's always smart to keep your ear to the ground to learn about the next big token before everyone catches on. While it is hard to make guarantees, Atmos token fits a lot of the attributes that have made other altcoins explode 100x to 1,000x in the past. It may be your opportunity to catch on to the next big thing before everyone knows about it.

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