Retiring in Memphis? What to Expect

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Not a lot of people decide to retire in Memphis. They tend to head out to the country or by the ocean to enjoy their golden years in the sun. However, this city can be just as fun and exciting when you retire as it was when you were younger.

Many people choose to stay here as they have lived here throughout their lives, or they like the hustle and bustle of a big city. Let’s take a closer look at what retiring in Memphis means for you and the best way to go about it.

Do it in Steps

When you decide to give up work for good, it can be a bit daunting. It’s a good idea to do it in stages, especially when you’ve been doing it your whole life. Having nothing to do can be a big shock to the system!

To begin with, you can start working, just mornings or afternoons, and slowly leave that way. If the boss will let you, that is. If you are planning to move to a different home and maybe downsize, you will also need to think about the best way to sell your home so you can make the big move.

We Can Still Travel

Living in Memphis after retirement doesn’t mean that you’ll continuously be in a big city and won’t get to enjoy your free days on a beach sipping sangria. As long as the retirement fund allows, you can jet off when you like and where you like.9

It doesn’t have to be restricted to US shores either. Head out to the Bahamas for a cruise or to South America for a bit of culture.

There’s So Much to Do

Memphis is a lively place and is especially great for music fans. The city has so much to do that it’s almost impossible to run out of activities. Even if it’s joining a jogging club, taking the dog for a walk, or thinking of some fun things to do in Memphis with a partner or friends, there’s always something.

It’s Not as Expensive as They Say

It’s a common thought that retiring in Memphis is costly due to the fact it’s a city, but it’s not entirely true. This is especially the case if the retiree already has a home there, and if not, there are a lot of cheaper options. There are plenty of places to retire here, which just requires a bit of research to pick the right one.

Let’s Enjoy Our Freedom

All in all, Memphis is an excellent place to enjoy your years of freedom after you stop working. Make sure to retire in stages and afterward enjoy as many vacations as possible and get busy. Keep in mind that it’s not too expensive, either.

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