Cedric 'Legacy City' Bellamy, The Upcoming Artist and Business Owner

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Columbus, Georgia Jan 14, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Meet Cedric Bellamy, Legacy City, Columbus GA is an Upcoming Artist and Business Owner for his brand "StreetLigion". Below you will know more about Cedric his business, brand, and movement.

What makes Cedric Bellamy different as a person and as a Business Owner

He differentiates himself from others because he has experience in many different roles in the industry. However, Cedric has played different parts allowing for him to see the bigger picture and better map out each role. Cedric also is able to speak from experience when he is helping others.

The Accomplishments Cedric Wants To Do In Life

The biggest thing that Cedric wants to accomplish in this life is to teach independent artists how to control their narratives. Cedric states, "People tend to lose their voice and vision when they are chasing after "success." "I want the definition of success to be redefined. Success should be accomplishing your goals, being heard while staying true to yourself and your morals". Cedric wants to empower those around him to be self-sufficient bosses and walk in their own purpose. Cedric mentioned, "When you walk in your purpose on purpose, your success is not an accident because hard work is put into it".

Cedric sees himself in 5 years

In 5 years, Cedric sees his brand StreetLigion on all platforms being successful and new opportunities being created for the independent community. The radio station will continue to play Independent Artists' songs 24 hours a day and continue to provide monetary benefits to the artists. The television station will continue to offer original content and open doors for directors, actors, podcasters, voiceovers, etc. He also sees opportunities in helping the younger generation and giving them away to creatively express themselves. The youth needs to be provided with ways to keep them focused and get them started on a meaningful path in life.

Cedric and what he brings to the music world

Cedric would want to bring the importance of understanding that the music business is heavily focused on the business aspect of things. Cedric states, "It's a common misconception that being an artist is the most important part of the industry, but one should also understand the business side of many things". He also states that "Many new artists fall, prey to the money recognition, and false promises that they fail to understand what they are really getting out of their deals". "If you can teach a person the business, you can better equip them as a well-rounded artist. One does not need the backing of major labels or companies to make a mark, a person needs to understand the business, marketing formulas, and how to operate on their own behalf".

The Legacy Cedric Would Want To Leave Behind

He would want to leave behind a legacy that will continue to make a difference in the community even without his presence. Cedric states, "If your business ends with you--then it didn't make as great of an impact as one would hope". However, Cedric wants his business to continue to provide opportunities to independent artists and provide a platform for them to express their creativity. Therefore, Cedric wants all artists, directors, actors, producers, etc. to have a place where they can share their content, use their own voice, and project their own vision. Cedric just wants to use his platform to help as many people as he can and to change lives meanwhile, embracing the fact that he has done what someone else wouldn't have done.

Social Media Platforms to learn more about Cedric Bellamy

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @ceo_legacy_city

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Streetligion

Media Contact

Jae Amor Ent

[email protected]


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