Seven Best Adjustable Beds of 2020 Reviewed by Bedroom Solutions

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Finding the perfect adjustable bed can be a tedious task with all the available options in the market these days. Every brand is in the race to upstage the other by introducing new features in their products.

However, the main concern when one is buying a bed is to ensure that the adjustable bed will make the buyer comfortable and help them get a good night’s sleep. This recently published adjustable bed review by bedroom solutions is a highly recommended read for adjustable bed shoppers since it has many video explanations and easy to understand labeled diagrams.

They have selected the seven best adjustable beds in the market and explain what is offered by each model in detail. They don’t just highlight the positive aspects on the selected brands, instead analyze them critically and provide a balanced review to the consumers.

Their reviews are based on how they found the product (in this case, adjustable bed frames) when they analyzed it and studying reviews of hundreds of consumers who own the product.

They have also explained the health benefits of the different adjustable bed features. For instance, pillow tilting provides better neck support; Lumbar Support allows one to adjust the pressure applied on the upper or lower lumbar region while lying down; and customizable memory positions help consumers shift from one position to the other at the touch of a button.

To understand the pros and cons of all other features offered on modern adjustable beds of 2020/2021, visiting the above review of the best adjustable beds is highly recommended. Understanding these features helps the consumer make a well-versed decision in his or her choice of adjustable electric bed brand.

According to their 2020 review on best adjustable bed frames, DynastyMattress, Sven and Son, and Amerisleep occupy the top three positions.However, a spokesperson for Bedroom Solutions told us that the Top 3 positions for adjustable bed manufacturers regularly change as and when new models are introduced to the market.

Their current #1 model also happens to be the most feature-rich adjustable bed currently available in the USA. The authors emphasize that this bed has almost all the major features except one, known as Elevation Lift which is a useful feature against fighting acid reflux or heartburn. This adjustable base is also marketed as one of the best adjustable beds for back pain due to its unique adjustable lumbar support feature. It is an upholstered furniture style adjustable bed frame while most other models are foundation style bases. The former type is more pleasing on the eye than the alternative.

The authors emphasize that not all adjustable bed consumers need all the sophisticated specs offered by adjustable bed manufacturers. “For the budget consumers, there are plenty of economical options priced at less than $400. On the other hand, if one is willing to spend over $2000, there are luxury options with many bells and whistles as well” says Belinda Palmer, a spokeswoman for Bedroom Solutions. “Cheap price doesn’t mean cheap product. Cheap price usually means a basic model with fewer features. Nevertheless, these models will still help one fight certain types of insomnia. The combination of an adjustable base with the right adjustable mattress and a high-quality weighted blanket is a winning recipe to fight most types of insomnia” emphasizes Palmer.

In addition to reviewing the best adjustable beds of 2020, they have recently published a comparison and review of Sleep Number beds. This Sleep Number Bed Review compares and contrasts all 11 Sleep Number adjustable beds, from the Value, Classic, Performance, and Innovation Series. In addition to reviewing the popular Sleep Number beds, the review also provides a list of basic features and detailed review of the pros and cons of Sleep Number mattresses.

The main objective of Bedroom Solutions is to generate expert and honest reviews so that the consumer can save hours if not days’ worth of online review time.

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