Zetly Is Working on a Revolutionary All-In-One Sport Platform

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Tallinn, Estonia - (NewMediaWire) - August 5, 2022 - Zetly OU, thePolish-Estonian company is working on a platform that will redefine the worldof fan engagement in the sports club. The innovation combines creating newincome sources for clubs and federations by issuing their internal currency -club tokens. The product also creates business strategies based on new ways ofengaging the community. To dominate the market, Zetly bets on education,planning the Zetly Academy, educating clubs, sports organizations and athletes.

The New Reality for leagues, federations, and sports clubs

To solve the problem ofcomplex communication, Zetly announced their basic module of the All in OnePlatform - Sport Module. It's dedicated to sports fans and clubs. With such atechnology, clubs & federations can move their fan engagement to anotherlevel, creating and issuing their own utility tokens. Besides, Zetly recognizesthe problem of the lack of proper internal and external communications insports club. The Sport HUB offered by Zetly will enable launching theapplications equipped with a CMS system for managing communication with allstakeholders and fans. Sport HUB will be equipped primarily with a launchpadfor creating digital NFT collections and will also be fully integrated with theglobal Zetly Platform. To enable digital trades among virutal goods, adedicated marketplace is prepared for sports collectables.

The Reality of Digital Collectibles

Speaking of Marketplaces -the NFT ones in the blockchain space have boomed in the last month. OpenSea hasgrown its workforce by 1100% in less than 2 years. However, there are noquality solutions that will offer a friendly infrastructure to both: create andsell NFT tokens in the sports niche. Here's where the Zetlyt NFT Creator comesout from the woods.

"Thanks to this module, platform users will be able to create andsell digital NFT content from one Platform" – points Michal Glijer, CEOand Co-founder of Zetly.

Using P2E solutions for the community engagement

To further engage thecommunity, some sport federations are issuing easy P2E mobile games that theirfans love to play. Giving a tool to broaden the knowledge about fans' passionis essential. The problem is that each club, federation, or league has fans,but no entity exists to help them explore the blockchain & P2E space forconducting further engagement. Filling the market gap, Zetly offers 12 Playerand Away Games in combination with Play to Earn solutions. Away Games solutionsallow fans to expand their knowledge both virtually and live. Fans can also getto know players who were important to this club. People who decide to play awaywith their club can do the same. Implemented gamification solutions to buildties with the community of each club.

The nearest future

Recently, the Zetly teamhas signed dozens partnerships with sports organizations, technology, legal andfinancial companies. Currently, they are preparing to issue its tokens onseveral prestigious Launchpads and be listed on CEX to expand their vision.

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