Burke Brown Attorneys Discusses: Preserving the education of students of all grades and levels facing various allegations

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With fall in full swing, the annual ritual of returning to classrooms across the nation ensues. From kindergarten to university, students around the country prepare themselves for reintegration into the classroom.

For the first time in nearly a year and a half, students will return to in-person learning, and along with it, the challenges and pressures of social interactions, learning obstacles, and more. The difference is that this year, many students bring something new to class; the baggage and trauma of grief, anxiety, fear, depression and more, all exacerbated by the stresses and isolation of the pandemic.

According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, Jason Lewis, “Back to school is always a challenging time for families, and this year it’ll be even more so.”

These psychological stresses often display as emotional or physical outbursts, aggression, isolative behaviors, lashing out, negative behavioral changes and more. This year Burke Brown Attorneys discusses the work they do to preserve the right to education for those students who may have been unfairly judged, charged or had allegations against them that jeopardize their right or access to education.

No One Was Immune from the Stress Of the Pandemic

From young children to grown adults, no person was entirely immune to the stresses and challenges of the pandemic. According to psychologists, both bodily and neurological adaptation to such trauma and stress happens differently for everyone.

While some students may appear detached or disengaged, others may lash out or exhibit behaviors that could be construed as aggressive or disruptive to the classroom.

According to EdWeek Research Center (2021), 40% of hybrids, 38% of fully remote, and 29% of in-person students reported that their state of mind during class is more negative than it was during the pandemic.

A Closer Look at What’s Going on:

  • Census survey data shows that symptoms of depression and anxiety are nearly 20% higher than pre-COVID levels
  • UW Medicine reports that depression diagnoses for those under 27 have increased nearly 30%, and anxiety 50% since 2019
  • The CDC reports a 31% proportional increase in emergency visits for mental health issues among youth ages 12-17.
  • A June 2020 CDC report found that young adults 18-24 are disproportionally affected by mental health conditions, with 1 in 4 having seriously considered suicide (an increase from 1 in 10 pre-pandemic).

A Right to Education – defending students accused of violating school or university rules

With the pressures and stresses of the pandemic still casting its shadow on the nation's students, violations of school or university rules is on the rise, resulting in unfair, unjust and unwarranted suspensions and expulsions.

Education is a doorway that opens up career paths and opportunities, with suspensions and expulsions having a potentially devastating impact on a child’s future. At Burke Brown Attorneys they routinely advocate for and defend students against such allegations and punishments.

In some cases, schools make knee jerk decisions without having all of the facts, without conducting a thorough investigation, or without considering other relevant circumstances or evidence. In other cases, a school’s decision may be discriminatory, or may violate a student’s legal rights.

While a school, college or university may be ‘satisfied’ with the outcome of their own superficial findings, the student and/or their family does not need to be. Burke Brown Attorneys ensures that the student receives a fair assessment and evaluation of what transpired, and hold schools and universities accountable to the law, observing the student’s rights, and doing what is in the best interest of furthering the student’s education and opportunities.

Burke Brown Attorneys Areas of Practice

Focusing on criminal defense, the firm has successfully defended and saved hundreds of reputations, careers, families, students and educators from the impact of serious allegations, criminal charges and arrests.

Cases the Firm Specializes in Include:

  • Criminal Defense (assault, harassment, theft, sex offenses, violent offenses, and juvenile criminal defense)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Protection Orders
  • Juvenile Criminal Defense
  • Education Defense
  • Student allegations
  • and more…

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Dedicated to providing top-level representation for its clients, the firm’s attorneys are passionate and committed to doing everything they can to clear their clients’ names in and out of court.

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