San Jose Hardwood Floors Carpet & Vinyl Inc is taking on Sport Gymnasium and Large Commercial Floors

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San Jose Hardwood Floors Carpet & Vinyl Inc. is adding another dimension to its excellent flooring services. Mostly, the local flooring sales and installations company is renowned for its work on single-family homes as well as commercial spaces. Now, in addition to that, San Jose Hardwood Floors is also providing flooring services for sports floors, gym floors, and larger commercial spaces with a square footage of over 7000.

With over 30 years providing top-notch service for locales in the area, the time is ripe for San Jose Hardwood Floors to increase the scope of its services. Compared to working on residential and commercial spaces, selling and installing hardwood flooring for sports floors and gym floors is a different kettle of fish.

For one, the sheer size of the project can make it a complicated endeavor. However, with the thorough understanding and tremendous experience that San Jose Hardwood Floors has, new clients can expect 100% satisfaction from their sports floors.

Generally, the mechanics of gym and sports floors are unique. For instance, regardless of how large the space is, every inch of basketball sports floors has to have a level of flex to it. You see, every time an athlete’s foot hits a sports floor, it sinks in ever so slightly and springs back. Furthermore, this process is so imperceptible but offers enormous benefits. This characteristic is what is known as flex.

Due to this feature, gym floors can absorb shock reducing the level of wear and tear on the athlete’s body. San Jose Hardwood Floors understands this and more. In fact, this is reflected in the level of thought that goes into selecting the type of hardwood flooring for each project.

San Jose Hardwood Floors starts by considering the type of activity that will take place on the gym floor. Flooring with excellent shock absorption capabilities is best for basketball. However, for volleyball, hardwood floors with more surface friction are the best bet.

Will bleachers be installed on the gym floors? Or perhaps scissor lifts will be required for maintenance tasks? The answers to questions like this will be put into consideration by the San Jose team.

What about the choice of subfloor for the gym floor? Sometimes edge-grain parquet maple may be a better option than traditional strip maple due to its resilience. These are just a few of the technical factors that will be weighed to ensure that customers come away satisfied with the final product of their sports floors.

To cap it off, San Jose Hardwood Floors won’t forget about finishing and aesthetics. After the gym floor is sanded until it’s smooth, it will be coated with a polyurethane sealant. If necessary, glossy urethane may be used to provide the floor with a shiny look. From drawing out game markers for sports floors to painting in sports crests, the will provide an exquisite finish to your floors.

About San Jose Hardwood Floors Carpet & Vinyl Inc.:

San Jose Hardwood Floors Carpet & Vinyl Inc. has been providing top quality residential and commercial flooring and stellar customer service to discerning clients in the Bay Area for over 20 years. When opening the business in 1993, owner Butch Kirk was committed to becoming an amazing little company, and that’s exactly what’s come to pass. Known for its exceptional commitment to customer service, San Jose Hardwood Floors has grown from a one-man shop to a vibrant business with several certified flooring professionals, each committed to ensuring your experience is second to none.

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