Alfa Chemistry Materials Launches Alternative Energy Materials for Renewable Energy Technology Development

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New York, USA - July 31, 2020 - Efficient collection and storage of renewable forms of energy, such as solar radiation or wind, requires the development of advanced functional materials. To better meet the increasing demand for such functional materials, Alfa Chemistry Materials, a chemical vendor headquartered in New York, USA, announced to provide a broad varieties of alternative energy materials for research groups or companies engaged in the renewable energy industry.

Alternative Energy refers to energy sources other than fossil fuels, which includes all renewable sources and nuclear sources. As the global power grid starts to be strained, driving toward sustainable energy production would be a new choice.

Alfa Chemistry Materials offers a broad variety of alternative energy products for hydrogen storage research, advanced fuel cell, battery as well as other applications. Its product offerings cover:

Electrode Materials
Fuel Cell Catalysts
Hydrogen Storage Materials
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
Perovskite Materials
Phosphors - Phosphor Materials
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials
Thermoelectric Materials

These products include materials for precious metal catalysts, electrode materials, electrolytes, proton exchange membrane materials, ceramic electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and other related materials. In addition, the highest purity salts and related material are also available at Alfa Chemistry Materials, which can be used to design novel energy system.

"It's now time for more in-depth research into innovative solutions," says the spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Materials. "Alternative energy has attracted a greater focus in recent years. The use of widely available materials holds future promise in providing a green alternative to conventional solar cell manufacture."

For more information about Alfa Chemistry Materials' alternative energy materials, or other material types such as polymer, organic and printed electronics, 3D printing materials, and magnetic materials, please visit or email us directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Materials

As a subsidiary of Alfa Chemistry, Alfa Chemistry Materials is uniquely specialized in material science. Being professional, reliable, and trust-worthy, it provides high quality material chemicals and has served many universities, research institutes as well as other organizations, and will continue to refine and improve its products and service offerings, trying to bring more value to its customers worldwide. The in-stock products listed on the website can be shipped out within 3-5 business days upon receipt of customers' purchase order.

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