Director Tayyofficial On Investing In Filming Music Videos

(Vehement Media via Comtex)

Donte Tucker, better known as Tayyofficial, is known for big-budget music videos featuring a lot of GFX and eye-catching effects. SpotemGottem, Leaf Ward, and Foogiano are amongst just a few of the visual efforts under his belt. All in all, the videos he has directed and produced have garnered tens of millions in views across the Internet, as well as revenue.

However, before he became a huge music video director in the entertainment industry, he worked on several short music videos. Some of his earliest works were the videos for "One More Time" by the G1000 and "Underdawg" by Leaf Ward.

What made music videos such a prominent investment for musicians?

Back in the days of channels such as BET and MTV being globally broadcasting, major record labels really went out of their way to make sure artists and their songs were represented in music videos. The image, lifestyle, and unimaginable effects would attract millions of viewership across the United States, and eventually reciprocate to fans that would spend money. Thus, labels would drop tons of money on getting videos made and ensuring that they were played on television alike.

On a more local level, good music videos are something they can show local venue owners to get shows. In this way, the music video is an entry tool for bands and recording artists of all different levels.

How has technology changed the way we view artists?

Television is no longer the main way of attracting a massive audience, YouTube takes that spot nowadays.  While there are still labels and major artists that post music videos on YouTube, smaller and independent artists have the chance to upload their content as well. We live in a world where a video uploaded on YouTube can amass millions of views in a matter of hours.

YouTube allows the artists themselves to post their videos on the web for the world to see. Another great thing about the platform is that viewers and fans no longer have to wait for the video to be played again unlike television. They can simply replay it at any time they want whenever they want. The possibilities are endless as musicians these days often upload short films, vlogs, and tour recaps on their channels which also creates revenue.

So how do you recoup the money spent on a music video?

In order to continuously gain clients from the music scene and directing visual cuts in general, you will need to keep your eyes and ears open. For Tayyofficial, it's important for him to keep an eye out on new talent coming and seeing where he can fit in their success. Aside from going to local studios and places where artists hang out, you can go to concert venues frequented by musicians and music lovers.

You don't get a massive budget overnight when it comes to shooting videos. You have to work your way up the ladder and take on opportunities that will string you further alone and who knows... maybe one day you'll shoot for a massive artist such as Drake, Kanye West, or Lil Baby.

What can we take away from Tayyofficial?

All in all, shooting and producing music videos is a way to improve your skills and promote your video business. If you make a good video that a lot of people see, it's not just exposure for the band but exposure for your studio. As with any business, to be successful in video production requires hard work and constant improvement of skills. Follow Tayyofficial on Instagram for tips and advice.

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