Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Changing his passion into a profession, for the love of food

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Who doesn't love food? This is not the question. The question is how far you can go for the love of food? Well, we know of an exceptional chef from Bahrain who took the tough decision in life to switch from a high income earning bank job to make a name for himself in the field of food. It is his passion for food that changed his fate forever and in a way, proved the world that it is the belief you need to have in yourself that would take you on your desired path and towards success.

The journey started with Chef Faisal taking up multiple courses for cooking from Italy and England, where one can find the best cooking schools. As soon as Chef Faisal realised his talents and knowledge in the field of food and as he got promoted one level after another, he realised it is better to make his passion his profession and provide consultation to food enthusiasts rather than consulting people for money. Today Chef Faisal stands tall with being a member of World Master chefs society and with being the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy. These consultancy firms of Chef Faisal passionately and happily advises multiple restaurants in KSA and Bahrain. He provides over 100 consultancies for several establishments in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These consultancies help others with training chefs and menu engineering. The firms help other food enthusiasts with counselling and guiding them in owning the space, establishing it and even operating lucrative restaurants.

Talking about his journey till now, Chef Faisal says that when he had started, he did not have any clue where the path would take him, but all he did was to follow his heart. Soon he realised that his real happiness did not lay into the banking job but in the food business and this made his aim clear in life. Today, he wishes to see many successful running restaurants to flourish more under his consultancy. It is Chef Faisal’s dream to show a path to others to encourage them and to inspire them to help them achieve what they want in life. The talented chef also says that whenever any person comes to him for asking consultancy, he loves listening to their stories. He loves to know what made them enter the field of food and take their passion as a profession. He loves to advise them all with the required consultation and help them in the journey of their food business.

Chef Faisal is also the proud managing director of Bun Bun Bistro, Bahrain. His Instagram handle is filled with thousands of followers and is still growing every day. He also believes that he wishes to increase the number of successful consultancy services he provides and wants to win hearts. Chef Faisal also points out that one cannot win a heart untill they win their own.

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