Dany Martin Paul / DMPfitness is ready for this new year 2022

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We all want to have a fit and healthy body. But what does it take to have a perfect physique? Cut to chase, discipline is what an individual must have in life to lead a healthy lifestyle. While a majority of the fitness trainers focus on improving aesthetics, influencer and entrepreneur Dany Martin Paul has a different approach towards fitness. The Canadian fitness influencer prioritises internal health over external personality.

According to Dany, staying healthy from within is of primary importance. "What you look from outside might not make you feel the same from within", quotes the fitness expert. For the same, Dany Martin Paul believes in having nutrition that is highly organic and not packaged food. The fitness influencer hails from Drummondville, Quebec, and he started his journey at an age of 18. It has almost been a decade and he considers discipline and consistency as two major pillars of his life.

Following the routine of healthy living, Dan Martin Paul calls fitness an investment for a lifetime. At 27, his body functions like a teenager. "We all want to look and feel young. The answer to living such a lifestyle is quite simple - Stay away from products that are harmful to the body. Many people build a physique to woo others. But in fact, a well-built physique is built for self and not for others. Good food, adequate sleep and a balance of nutrition along with consistency in the workout are bound to give fruitful results in the long run", says Dany.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic where human life has become uncertain, Dany Martin Paul urges everyone to boost immunity by including a healthy diet. In Canada where vaccination passports have become a mandate to access places like gyms, restaurants and other public areas, this fitness expert strongly recommends his clients and followers to maintain a balance between a nutritional diet and a consistent workout regime.

Rather than showing off a hardcore physique, Dany Martin Paul has his total focus on building a strong immune system. "It will help in wiping off the deadly virus and life-threatening diseases. I have always kept my attention towards being fit across all levels rather than only being physically fit", comments Dany. His passion for fitness has been for quite a long time that saw this visionary man create a revolution in the fitness industry.

On the entrepreneurial side, Dany Martin Paul owns a fitness apparel brand named DMP Fitness. The initials in DMP stands for 'Determination', ‘Motivation' and 'Perseverance' that he strongly stands by. Moreover, the Canadian influencer has an ideology of his own – #AlwaysReadyForIt. He had earlier revealed that in uncertain times like these, one cannot predict the future. "It is better to live in the present and focus on the better side of life with a positive and healthy mindset", concludes the fitness expert.

This year he will have many new projects, he said.

Several contracts as an influencer / model.

New clothing collection for DMP Fitness #AlwaysReadyForIt

And even more.

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