John M. Torrens Shows ADHD-Laden Entrepreneurs the Path to Unlimited Success with New Best Selling Book

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Syracuse, Jan 14, 2021 ( - In his new best-selling book Lightning in a Bottle: How Entrepreneurs Can Harness Their ADHD to Win, John M. Torrens explains how entrepreneurs with ADHD should no longer consider their diagnosis a hindrance. Torrens deftly navigates the confusing waters of ADHD and gives a blueprint for entrepreneurs to harness the power of the good sides of it for business success.

"ADHD can be a debilitating condition," says Torrens, "but in the context of entrepreneurship, it can be a tremendous gift if harnessed properly.

In Lightning in a Bottle, Torrens unravels the hidden facts about ADHD using real-life success stories from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and explains how they harnessed the power of their ADHD to build their fortunes.

Lightning in a Bottle was just launched and is already enjoying many rave reviews from industry leaders. Matt Shumer, Founder & CEO of Otherside AI says, "Lightning in a Bottle captures the essence of the entrepreneurial journey for those with ADHD. As a leading expert on the subject, Torrens' teachings have empowered me to harness my ADHD, changing it from a distraction into an entrepreneurial superpower!" Shumer continues, "If you have ever felt like you can't concentrate, or are easily distracted, John will help you leverage the power of your ADHD to build a world-class company,"

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