Why Hermes Bags Are The Best Investment In The World

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Palm Beach, Florida Sep 23, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Jakub Cavallo the CMO of Only Authentics, www.onlyauthentics.com the World's biggest retail collection of investment handbags and possibly the biggest collection of over 200 Birkin Bags, urges investors big and small to purchase Hermes bags if given the opportunity. The Hermes Birkin bag has outperformed, at a yearly average the S&P 500, gold, and the real estate market since 1980. The retail price increases from around 8% to 14% each year on average with the lowest year between 1980 and 2015 being 2.1% and prices for the same bag differ depending on the state, country, and region. So why are the masses not purchasing Birkin bags or the Hermes Kelly? There has always been a stigma for men to not involve themselves in matters deemed exclusively for women or the LGBTQ+ community. Studies have shown that both men and women are less likely to invest in Female-led IPOs and invest less money on average in companies tailored to women. There has been a recent change in the zeitgeist concerning men's fashion. Today's time appropriates comfortability in one's own skin, more and more males are wearing female-inspired clothing options, using more beauty products historically tailored for women, and finally seeing a therapist after years of bottled-up trauma. Celebrities like Jared Leto, Kanye West, Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Drake, Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, etc. are wearing what was once taboo. This year, CEO of Only Authentics, Charles Virgil Rogers sold a Palladium hardware Albino Himalayan Crocodile Kelly bag 35cm for $500,000USD. A record-breaking price for a bag without diamonds on it and he has the receipts to prove it. "There are probably many bags that have sold around or over that price, but they don't go published, the clientele who want and can afford these bags do not flaunt or divulge these purchases and we at Only Authentics maintain privacy for our clients. I will tell you we have a 25cm Lipstick Braised Red Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin with VVS diamonds that we have sold for $600,000USD and it will go fast." The bag he referred to sold as a 30cm model in 2011 for $203,150 but Rogers' handbag is smaller and a more attractive light shade of red. "Small bags are what people want right now," says Rogers, "and they will continue to rise in price." Daniel Hassan, Owner of the Patina collective, one of the world's biggest private Mercedes collections in South Florida owns several bags as well and values them for their investment quality. "The advantage of Birkins and luxury watches is they don't need to be stored in an armored facility and they don't need maintenance like my investment grade classic cars. The classic car investment market has seen higher appreciation however there is a higher level of care required. Most people would pick a car over a bag any day but if you have a bunch of both, stock up on some bags now." To acquire an Hermes bag, there are two options. One, you become a client at Hermes and create a rapport with a sales associate and spend lots of money until you are offered one (customers interviewed stated that some were offered a bag after spending as little as $50,000USD and the most at $500,000). Two, you purchase a bag for as little as you can from the resale market or a private client. The disadvantages to option one are that you do not know when you will be offered a bag and you have very little say in the matter. The bags that the employees will bring you are not going to be the rarest in the world. You must remember that you are not the only person trying to develop a relationship with an Hermes employee, there may be someone with much more money and much more time who will be favored in the arbitrary decision-making process of who gets a bag. The resell price of handbags from Hermes may be quintuple the retail store price but the investor saves tens of thousands of dollars by removing the need to purchase items from Hermes and building a relationship. We strongly urge the general public to throw out any prejudices or assumptions about handbags and start buying and selling handbags as much as they can. These bags are only going to go up and up and whether you are a technical analyst or fundamentalist, the evidence is manifest. If you ever come across a Birkin, Kelly, or a Chanel classic, buy it or someone else will, the worst thing you can do in this turbulent, yet the lucrative market has FOMO, and not be stylish.

-Jakub Cavallo, CMO Only Authentics.

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