Author Charles Moorer releases new book, Standing on the Word of Adonai

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You are not alone, and with the release of Standing on the Word of Adonai, you have a companion through the trials and tribulations in life. Senior Pastor Charles Moorer, of the Divine Direction Christian Church Family, and author of Giving Up Is Not An Option (2016), has returned to offer guidance and support in the companion book. The story speaks to each individual’s power to overcome tragedy in their lives, understanding they are never alone. In moments of loss, individuals may find they have become lost in the darkness, drifting away into the heart’s sorrows. In this new and uplifting book, Mr. Moorer walks beside the reader, helping them through his experiences, his grace, and with God. 

Stressful situations can happen more than once, but you are never alone—not the first time or the last time. Also, tragedy does not discriminate and can affect anyone at any time. Pastor Moorer’s personal story and the messages he shares are there to champion and support others through tough situations. The book Standing on the Word of Adonai is a compilation of life’s lessons and guidance written by a man who understands the depths of tragedy’s influence, the chill of loss, and the way back to living life with God’s guidance. 

“Standing on the Word of Adonai was written in honor of my son. I spilled my heart onto these pages to help empower others through their loss, struggle, and tragedy.” - Charles Moorer, 2020

Charles Moorer Jr. is a dedicated father, husband, pastor, musician, and leadership mentor based in Indianapolis, IN. Together with his band The Faithful Few, Charles works diligently and faithfully to inspire people from all walks of life to live with purpose, love, and the peace of Christ. Through music, story, and sermon, Mr. Moorer is empowering others to understand that our strategies to heal from tragedy and loss can help shape us and support our survival through periods of struggle. Unity is the driving message because the most important lesson is understanding that we are always stronger together.

“When we connect through a raw and open heart, it is often the strongest form of human connection.” - Charles Moorer, 2020

This book is a necessary companion to anyone who has experienced loss and needs guiding support from someone who knows loss, understands healing, and loves God. In these pages, discover lessons for the heart, journeys of the soul, and the deep compassion of one man. The pages of the story hold the power of hope—the hope to push you forward—and the courage to walk through the loss you are experiencing. You are not alone. 

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